The Rihanna family of chairs includes soft seats with padded armrests and comfortable adjustable design stools. Each model can delicately complement a room with its sinuous shapes. The soft folds that decorate the interior of the backrest contrast with the taut and rounded shell. In the lower part of the backrest, the deep structure and the connection of the legs emphasise the softness of the curves. A design with soft lines that envelop the body, support the posture and make the modern dining room a cosy environment to feel at home in.

Base: Pearl  embossed

Seat: Lino



Length 58cm 22.8in
Width 54cm 21.3in
Height 80cm 19.7in

All measurements are approximations. 

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图片 RIHANNA X Swivel Chair

RIHANNA X Swivel Chair

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