Exciting New Brands and Products Coming to Our Showrooms

Exciting New Brands and Products Coming to Our Showrooms in Vancouver and Coquitlam

In the world of furniture and interior design, change is the only constant. At Inspiration Furniture, we're always on the lookout for the latest trends and the most innovative brands to bring to our valued customers. We're thrilled to introduce a host of new brands and products that will soon grace our showrooms in Vancouver and Coquitlam, promising a whole new world of style and luxury for your living spaces.

Arketipo: Italian Elegance at Its Best

First up, we have the privilege of welcoming Arketipo to our Vancouver showroom. Arketipo is not just any furniture brand; it's a top-tier Italian furniture fashion brand that ranks among the top 10 in Italy. Renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, Arketipo promises to elevate your living spaces to a whole new level of sophistication.

In our showroom, you can expect to find some of Arketipo's finest creations on display. Each piece is a testament to Italian elegance and style. If you're looking to add a touch of Italian flair to your home, Arketipo is the brand to watch out for.


Ditre Italia: Joining the Inspiration Family

Another exciting addition to our family of brands is Ditre Italia, a brand that's part of the illustrious Calligaris Group. Ditre Italia is renowned for its contemporary designs and exceptional comfort. Their sofas and seating solutions are known for their quality and style.

At our Vancouver showroom, you'll have the chance to explore some of Ditre Italia's most sought-after models. We're thrilled to have them as part of the Inspiration family.


Twils: More than Just "The King of Beds"


Twils, often referred to as the "King of Beds," is a brand that's synonymous with comfort and style. While they are indeed masters of bedroom furniture, Twils offers so much more. We're excited to showcase a variety of Twils models in our Vancouver showroom, each one designed to enhance your living spaces.

With their commitment to quality and design, Twils is a brand that's set to make a significant impact in our showrooms.


Aleal: Luxury at Reasonable Prices

Although we've had Aleal in our collection for some time, we're now proud to present an exquisite display of some of the finest products manufactured in Portugal. Aleal is synonymous with luxury at reasonable prices, making it the perfect addition to our lineup.

In our Vancouver showroom, you'll have the opportunity to explore the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Aleal products are known for. From stunning coffee tables to stunning storage solutions, Aleal offers a touch of European sophistication for your home.


Trend Lux: Our In-House Marvel

Our in-house brand, Trend Lux, is all about luxury and customization. We're excited to showcase Trend Lux's gemstone quality marble tables and top-end upholstery options. With Trend Lux, you have the power to create a living space that truly reflects your style and personality. Whether you're envisioning a statement dining table or a plush, customized sofa, Trend Lux has you covered.


Coming Soon: More Exciting Brands and Products

But the excitement doesn't stop here! We have even more thrilling brands and products on the horizon, set to grace our showrooms in the near future. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come:

Qeeboo: Quirky and Unique

Qeeboo is a brand that adds a touch of whimsy and uniqueness to your living spaces. With a range of quirky and innovative designs, Qeeboo promises to be a standout addition to our collection.

Lineasette: Handmade Milanese Elegance

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Lineasette is a brand that specializes in handmade accessories. These elegant pieces are designed to accentuate and elevate any home decor.

Formitalia: Tonino Lamborghini Casa and More

Formitalia is set to introduce new products, including the prestigious Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection. Get ready for more iconic and luxurious options to enhance your living spaces.

Leolux: The Latest Introductions

Stay tuned for the latest introductions from Leolux, a brand known for its distinctive and high-quality designs. We can't wait to showcase their newest offerings in our showrooms.


At Inspiration Furniture, we're dedicated to providing you with the finest in furniture and interior design. With these exciting new brands and products, we're taking your home decor to the next level. Visit our Vancouver and Coquitlam showrooms to experience the future of luxury living. Your dream home is just a visit away.

IN-Stock Combo Deals

Ready to Take Home IN-Stock Combo Deals

Struggling to find pieces that fit perfectly together and enhance a room? INspirations Combo Deals are created by our Lead Interior Designer, and curated to blend into your home seamlessly. With brands like Natuzzi Editions, Flexlux, Alf Italia, and KARE Design you'll be sure to find a package that suits you! All Combo Deals are IN-stock and ready for delivery.

CD #2: Lucera Sectional Combo Deal 

Lucera is a decorative lounge sofa. The low seat and rounded elements make the sofa a true design statement. A unique details of the design is the visible stitching throughout. The sofa is simple yet unique. Paired with timeless pieces, this combo deal lets you embrace your space.

The 3 piece set includes:

- Lucera Sectional Natural Beige Fabric

- Cerchio Coffee Table Glass, Chrome Base

- Cosmic Rug 5.3x7.7'

CD #7: Astor Dining Combo Deal

The 6 piece set includes:

- Astor 100x200 Antracite Base

- Glee dining Chair Pebble Grey Fabric Swivel Metal Base x 4


- Glee dining Chair Pebble Earth Fabric swivel Metal Base x 4

- Palmyra Rug 5x8' Multicoloured

CD #24 KARE Infinity Combo Deal

This 3 piece set includes:

- Infinity Sofa w/ottoman chaise left or right fabric grey

- Coffee table wire black 2-set steel powder coat temp glass

- Abstract grey line rug or abstract rug dark blue 240x170cm



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Celebrate KARE's 4th Anniversary: Join the Festivities

Time flies when you're having fun, and KARE is thrilled to announce its 4th anniversary celebration! It has been an incredible journey, filled with delightful memories, exceptional customers, and an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled shopping experiences. As a token of gratitude for your amazing support, KARE invites you to join the festivities at both the Vancouver and Coquitlam showrooms from June 15th to July 3rd. Prepare for an exciting spin-to-win game, an exclusive raffle, the chance to win amazing discounts and prizes, refreshments, and more! 


Get ready to spin your way to fantastic discounts! During KARE's anniversary celebration, customers will have the opportunity to participate in the thrilling spin-to-win game. Each spin holds the potential to earn you a discount of up to 20% off your next purchase! Whether you've had your eye on a stunning piece of furniture or stylish accessory, this game offers a fantastic opportunity to make your dream furniture a reality at an even more affordable price.


In addition to the exhilarating spin-to-win game, KARE has prepared an exciting raffle for its loyal customers. The first prize is a remarkable $500 gift card, granting the lucky winner the freedom to choose their favorite pieces from KARE's extensive collection. Imagine indulging in the sheer joy of hand-picking the perfect items to transform your living space into a haven of style and authenticity. The second prize is an exquisite gift bundle worth up to $700. This curated bundle of carefully selected KARE items will captivate your senses and add a touch of luxury to your home. From elegant home accessories to stunning decor pieces, this gift bundle is designed to inspire and delight the lucky recipient.


KARE's 4th anniversary celebration promises to be an unforgettable event for furniture enthusiasts and decor aficionados alike. Join the festivities at both the Vancouver and Coquitlam stores from June 15th to July 3rd, and seize the opportunity to participate in the exhilarating spin-to-win game. With discounts of up to 20% off your next purchase up for grabs, don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity! 


As KARE celebrates its 4th anniversary, they extend their heartfelt appreciation to their valued customers who have made this milestone possible. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your home decor and make your dream space a reality. Visit KARE's Vancouver and Coquitlam stores to join the celebrations and enter to win one of our prizes. 


Shop KARE at both our Vancouver and Coquitlam Showrooms and here.

Stressless: High-Quality Comfort at a Discount


Stressless is a well-known Nordic brand in the world of comfortable and stylish home furniture pieces. Known for their ergonomic design and premium materials, Stressless has been helping people relax and unwind for over 80 years. And now, you can enjoy their comfortable, high-quality stressless pieces at a discounted price!

The Stressless sale at INspiration Furniture offers $300 OFF on Stressless Classic Power recliners in any cover or Stressless Mike and Max motorized recliners in all Paloma leather colors. Plus, with each purchase, you'll receive a FREE battery with a value of $200. These recliners are designed to provide optimal comfort, support, and style, making them the perfect addition to any home.

In addition to the recliners, the sale also offers a $50 discount on each Stressless Laurel and Mint chair (dining and home office) when you buy four or more. These chairs are perfect for dining rooms, home offices, or any space where you want to add a touch of comfort and style.



Stressless is committed to providing you with high-quality comfort that is both comfortable, stylish and can withstand the test of time! The current sale offers you the opportunity to save big on top-rated products, making it the perfect time to upgrade your home with Stressless pieces!

So, if you're looking to upgrade your home with comfortable, stylish, and high-quality furniture, be sure to check out the Stressless Furniture sale and take advantage of the fantastic discounts. You won't find a better opportunity to add comfort and style to your home!

Don’t miss out! Save big now through March 13th, 2023! *With qualifying purchase. See store for details.

Cattelan Italia - A World-Renowned Italian Furniture Brand


Cattelan Italia is a world-renowned Italian furniture brand that specializes in creating state-of-the-art furniture pieces for the modern home. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Cattelan Italia is renowned for its innovative designs, premium materials, and exceptional craftsmanship.

One of the brand's signature pieces is the Skorpio table, a stunning dining table made of wood and glass. The table's unique, curved design makes it a standout piece in any dining room, and its sleek lines and elegant finish make it a timeless addition to any home.



Another must-have piece from Cattelan Italia is the Bombe armchair. This luxurious armchair is crafted from high-quality upholstery and features a unique design that is both stylish and comfortable. The Bombe armchair is the perfect piece to add a touch of sophistication to any living room or office space.



For those looking to add a touch of fun to their homes, Cattelan Italia's Times Mirrors are a great choice. These surrealist mirror and clock are inspired by the works of the famous artist and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any room in the home.  Available in mirrored, or smoked mirrored glass, this quartz mechanism clock is sure to please.


Cattelan Italia's state-of-the-art furniture pieces are designed to elevate any space, and the brand's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each piece will be a cherished addition to any home for years to come.

In conclusion, if you're looking for furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional, Cattelan Italia is the brand for you. With its wide range of state-of-the-art furniture pieces, you're sure to find the perfect piece for your home.

Shop Cattelan Italia by visiting our Vancouver or Coquitlam showroom. See sales associate for further details.

Natuzzi Italia: Featured Sofas

At INspiration Furniture, Natuzzi Italia sofas are unlike any other. These carefully curated pieces define space, and provide an assortment of upholstery and configurations to fit one’s personal style and capacity. The personification of Italian high-quality craftsmanship is Natuzzi Italias product line of 100% Italian-made luxury furniture.

Since 1959, Natuzzi Italia have been inspired by their roots and homeland, along with the philosophy of good living. Today, Natuzzis ethics, social responsibility, innovation, and industrial know-how have made them a market leader as the most recognized furniture brand in the world among consumers of luxury pieces.

Natuzzi Italias pieces are inspired by the Italian region of Puglia, a land of light, sea and a place where perfect harmony exists. From the Wave Collection and diving into the Deep Sofa, Natuzzi brings one-of-a-kind pieces into our homes.

Browse INspiration Furniture's most-loved pieces below.


1. The Wave Sofa 



The Wave loveseat from Natuzzi Italias Deep Collection is inspired by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. The wave-like shapes of the water can be discovered in the endless curves and circles which are transformed elegantly, flowing throughout every piece in the collection.‎

The cocooning Wave sofa is one of the statement pieces in the collection, thanks to its shapes resembling the movement of sea-like-waves. The sofa is available as a two-seater, a three-seater, and as an armchair. Thanks to Wave's raised base and matte legs in light gold, this piece creates a cozy and intimate vintage charm. Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather.


2. The Philo Sofa 



The Philo sofa is one with a unique style. Its modern and elegant design that combines precision and comfort make for the comfiest seating arrangement. With Philos signature quilting, a staple sign of fine Natuzzi craftsmanship and an unmistakeable design, this sofa immediately shows off a sense of hospitality and ultimate comfort. With Philos simplicity, this sofa takes the centre of any stage, in any room. 

The cover and finish on the image shown may not be an exact representation of the product in-store. Please contact the store for available options. 


3. The Buddie Sofa 



The Buddie sofa is made up of several different modules which can be combined to suit the needs of each space. Each combination is slightly different from the other, while still maintaining comfort, relaxation, and harmonious spirit.

This sofa is a contemporary take on the living room. The backrests and seat cushions slot smoothly together in an aesthetically pleasing segment to not only create a unique shape, but to also provide functional support.


4. The Tratto Sectional 



As Natuzzi Italia describes this sofa - “less is more”. The Tratto sofas aesthetic, compact silhouette and simple lines are as easy on the eye as it is comfortable. The sofa's contemporary design makes it the perfect design for urban settings, apartments, lounging areas, and small rooms, too.

With its interesting zigzag stitching details on the slender armrests and the backrest cushions, these details add value to everyday environments.



Combo Deals
Combo Deals

Ready to Take Home Combo Packages


Struggling to find pieces that fit perfectly together and enhance a room? INspirations Combo Deals are created by our Lead Interior Designer, and curated to blend into your home seamlessly. With brands like Natuzzi Editions, Flexlux, Alf Italia, and KARE Design you'll be sure to find a package that suits you! All Combo Deals are IN-stock and ready for delivery.

CD #14: Desire Combo Deal -

A luxurious upholstered bed set from the Desire series. Cover made of fine, discreetly shiny velvet. Fully upholstered with allround buttoning. It is stylish and enhances every bedroom. Paired with the small luxury dressers and you have yourself the perfect bedroom set.

The 4 piece set includes:

- Dresser Small Luxury 2 Drawers: Glass Mirrored | x 2

- Desire Queen Bed: Silver/Grey 152x203cm

- Pallet Board | Slats - Queen Size

- Desire Seat Chest Ottoman: Velvet Silver Grey

CD #13: Infinity Combo Deal -

Laid-back and inviting, that's how this combo deal should be. This choice of deal is a smart crossover of reduced chic, lounge style and casual elegance. Plus a little added pop of colour with the artwork.

The 5 piece set includes:

- Infinity Sofa w/ Ottoman Chaise Left or Right Grey Fabric

- Coffee Table Wire Black 2-Set: Black

- Cozy Rocky Rug: Black 170x240cm

- Colourful Swarm of Fish Artwork 120x120cm

- Glass Pic Aqua Queen Fish Artwork 100x100cm

CD #16: Infinity Dolce Combo Deal -

Laid-back and inviting, but in Dolce Green. With these added glass tables and its integrated quartz clockwork is not only an elegant home accessory, but also a classy alternative to the clock on the wall.

The 5 piece set includes:

- Infinity Sofa w/ Ottoman Chaise Left or Right Dolce Green Fabric

- Coffee Table Roman Black 76cm Steel Lacquered

- Side Table Roman Black 42cm Steel Lacquered

- Touched Flower Boat: Gold Pink 160x120cm

- Mirror Curve Rectangle: Brass-Plated 80x120cm


CD #17: South Beach Combo Deal -

A classic style dining table with elegant marble top. Scandinavian-inspired lines and retro design borrowings provide the framework for the glamorous appearance of this modern sideboard. The front provides a special design factor: the oval ornaments seem to float in front of the golden shimmering background.

The 8 piece set includes:

- Table South Beach 180x90cm

- Chair Hudson Beige Linen x 6

- Sideboard Golden Eye Oak Stained

CD #3: Sollievo Loveseat Combo Deal -

Understatement is effortless elegance, coolness you don’t have to try too hard to show. That’s the key trait of the Sollievo sofa and armchair, with a design that never goes out of style. Paired with the Kaicoff coffee table, you've found yourself a perfect match.

The 4 piece set includes:

- Sollievo Sofa Grey Fabric

- Sollievo Armchair Beige Leather

- Frenzy Rug Multicoloured 5.3x7.7'

- Kai Coffee Table Ceramic Silver Base

CD #8: Oxo Dining Table Combo Deal -

Do you love timeless furniture that you can decorate and use again and again? Then this dining room table and chairs can serve you well. Thanks to its design, it can be combined with different chairs, whether made of leather, wood or in the form of an upholstered chair.

The 8 piece set includes:

- Oxo Dining Table Light Grey Base 90x180cm

- Max Soft Dining Chair Light Grey Leather | x 6

Or -

- Max Soft Dining Chair Dark Grey Leather | x 6

- Venice Rug Dark 5x8'

CD #10: Walnut Bedroom Combo Deal -

An elegant light wood frame, stylish yet simple. The RHINE walnut bedroom set is the perfect addition to your space. Please note, lamps are not included.

The 6 piece set includes:

- Queen Bed w/ Slats Walnut 162x215x110H - Rhine

- 2 Drawer Nightstands 56x40x48H | x 2 *Lamps Not Included

- 5 Drawer High Chest Walnut 75x46x115H

- 6 Drawer Double Dresser Walnut 140x46x76H

- PE Classic 2.0 Medium Queen Tight Top 12.5"


CD #2: Lucera Sectional Combo Deal -

Lucera is a decorative lounge sofa. The low seat and rounded elements make the sofa a true design statement. A unique details of the design is the visible stitching throughout. The sofa is simple yet unique. Paired with timeless pieces, this combo deal lets you embrace your space.

The 3 piece set includes:

- Lucera Sectional Natural Beige Fabric

- Cerchio Coffee Table Glass, Chrome Base

- Cosmic Rug 5.3x7.7'

CD #5: Sofa Loveseat Combo Deal -

Choose between black or grey leather*. This loveseat combo is a masterpiece of softness combined with solid design, featuring a mix of square edges and statement pieces. Matched with Natuzzi Editions statement fancy rug, the package evokes a contemporary modernist look.

The 4 piece set includes:

- Frisco 2.5 Seater Omaha Black Satin Legs

- Frisco 2.5 Seater Omaha Grey Satin Legs

- Coffee Table Twisted Black 75x75cm Clear Glass

- Fancy Rug 5.3x7'

CD #1: Obling Combo Deal -

Sublime minimalism meets supreme comfort in this combo collection. Clean lines and a streamlined silhouette define its architectural attitude. The modernist profile and broad track arms invite the ultimate lounging experience.

The 4 piece set includes:

- Sofa Obling Cognac Leather

- Coffee Table Roman Black

- Chair Obling Cognac Leather

- Palm Rug

CD #4: Living Combo Deal -

Samone is the ultimate modern statement. The oval and organic shapes offer multiple seating options. Loose back cushions with a feather-foam mix provide a cozy look and feel, and you can place the back cushions as you like. Perfectly adaptable!

The 3 piece set includes:

- Samone Chaise Right Bormio Soft Grey

- Stilo Chair Black Base Bormio Soft Grey

- Coffee Table Layered 128x55cm


CD #11: Milan/Imperia Queen Combo Deal -

The MILAN Bed has a high gloss surface which gives light and enriches the ambiance in any room. LED lighting dimly lights up the headboard adding unique detail not found on many beds. Paired with the matching nightstand and dresser, this bedroom set is ideal for any bedroom.

The 7 piece set includes:

- Imperia Queen Bed | Milan Hi-Gloss White

- Imperia Nightstand | Milan Hi-Gloss White x 2

- Imperia Double Dresser Milan | Hi-Gloss White

- Imperia Mirror Milan | Hi-Gloss White

- Pandora Table Lamp x 2

CD #12: Tivoli Queen Combo Deal -

Simple, elegant lines and a sophisticated gray matte eco-veneer with touches of steel place this bedroom set into a category of its own.

The 6 piece set includes:

- Tivoli Queen Bed Light Grey Florence w/ LED Light

- Tivoli L Nightstand Florence Light Grey Eco Veneer

- Tivoli R Nightstand Florence Light Grey Eco Veneer

- RW Silhouette Adj. Base Queen | Massage/LED/USB

- Desmond Table Lamp x 2

CD #9: Navis Dining Combo Deal -

Extendable dining table including 2 draw-out leaves at either end in the same veneer as the table top. Choose between the Austin Dining Chair or the Chief Dining Chair.

Table top and leaves with softly rounded solid edges and legs in solid wood.

The 5 piece set includes:

- Navis Dining Table Walnut 132x86

- Chief Dining Chairs Walnut-92 Brown Leather Seat x4 


- Adria Dining Chair Cognac Leather Austin x4


CD #15: Amsterdam Table Combo Deal -

There s nothing like having dinner with family and good friends. It s great when the dining table offers enough space for all the guests and is a design highlight in every respect. 

The 8 piece set includes: 

- Amsterdam Glass Marble Print Table | Black Legs 160x90cm extends to 240cm

- Chair Hojas Blue Velvet x6

- Shelf Loft 100cm Steel Powder Coated


CD #18: Celebrate Combo Deal -

Ciao bella! This Italian-style sofa is extremely stylish and at the same time a cosy comfort zone for a big series-watching marathon. 

The 4 piece set includes: 

- Celebrate Armchair S&P

- Celebrate Sofa 3-Seater S&P

- Triptychon Wave 3-Set

- Coffee Table Wire Marble Black

CD #19: Celebrate Combo Deal -

This deal is the perfect addition to your living space.

- Vangen 3 Seater Dark St Oak Sofa

- Vangen 2 Seater Dark St Oak Sofa

- KARE Coffee Table Roman Black

- Palmyra Rug Dark Grey & Navy 5x8'----Th


Please contact the store for any questions regarding the above combo deals.

Autumn Styles To Envy This Season
Autumn Styles To Envy This Season

Autumn Styles To Envy This Season


Autumn is all about comfort, coziness, colourful scenery, as well as relaxation - so why not bring that feeling into your home and change it up this season! We’ve put together a few creative ideas to help bring Autumn into your space, whether that be by adding fall-inspired colours, or by adding textures and swapping out old, outdated rugs.

It’s time to give your home a new, trendy look this season - let’s get started!


Accent Chairs - 


Accent chairs are a great way to bring autumn styled pieces into your home, it involves less commitment to a colour scheme, but still provides that autumn refresh feel. Choosing the correct pieces and elements to fit your space is no doubt a very important task, as your lounging spaces are the main areas you get to relax, or entertain.

That’s why we’ve put together a few of our favourite accent chairs that are great for any room, corner or comfy space to incorporate into your home.

Armchair Luna Green

Nonna Armchair 

Cigar Lounge Armchair Green-Grey


Earth Inspired Sofas - 


If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa, you will want to make yourself aware of some of the biggest sofa trends this year. After all, we’re here to help make your space as comfortable and trendy as possible. Curved lines alongside an earthy colour palette is the trend to expect towards the end of this year and the start of 2023.

Organic and rounded shapes have made quite an appearance, along with large sofa styles and green textured fabrics. Picture the sofa you would see in the late 60’s - we’re excited to say, this aesthetic is officially back!

Belle 2.5 Seater

Infinity Sofa Dolce Green 


Rugs, Rugs, Rugs 


Let’s heat up the room by adding some visual warmth. Rugs are a great way to incorporate the seasonal colours like fiery reds, burnt oranges and earthy greens.

Choosing the right rug is easier if you understand its use in the room and traffic size. In a bedroom, cooler floors on a crisp autumn morning is a tad bit more tolerable with a fluffy, cozy rug to rest your feet on.

For other rooms, such as dining and living areas, it’s common to include a central rug, and add various scattered shaggy rugs and pillows to add a little bit of texture.


Picasso Rug                        ------------------   ----- 

Downtown Green Carpet          ------------------------------------

Sophia B Rug


Fall-Inspired Decor


The perfect time to get your home ready for the hosting season! The power of decor can bring a sense of coziness and comfort to your home, paired with a scented candle or essential oil diffuser, it’s the ultimate way to bring festivity into your home.

On top of adding decor pieces into your home, another great way is to layer texture. Add pillows, blankets, and wicker baskets into your space for that added cozy, Autumn feel.

Candle Holder Magica                 ------   

Deco Feather One                       ----                   -

Transparent Headphone Mounts




Adding a fall-inspired bouquet into your home is another great way to increase that fall feeling. It’s especially mood-boosting when the temperature tends to drop and the sun begins to fade. A beautiful floral arrangement on display is the easiest way to give your home a seasonal update, without committing to big-piece furniture.

Pair your bouquet with the perfect vase and you’re all set! Here’s a few of our favourite to get you started.

KARE Vase Lali 20cm

KARE Vase Bia Black 31cm

KARE Vase Bijan 26cm