Italian Days: Spotlight on Natuzzi Italia

As we enter the final stretch of our Italian Days event, it's time to turn the spotlight to one of our most prestigious Italian manufacturers, the iconic Natuzzi Italia.

Representing Natuzzi’s luxury brand and making the most of the company's over 60 years of experience, Natuzzi Italia creates a wide range of luxury furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom, as well as designing décor suited for any space, with the line blending “design, functions, materials and color to create harmonious living."

As part of Italian Days, Inspiration customers will take an automatic 15 per cent off any product from one of our Italian Manufacturers, including furniture and décor from the Natuzzi Italia line.

Additionally, customers who visit our Vancouver showroom will be able to take advantage of several exciting combo deals on Natuzzi Italia products, such as this beautiful Natuzzi Italia desk set which combines the company's Ika Desk, Ika Swivel Drawer and Nana Desk chair into the perfect fusion of form and function.

Visitors can also take the opportunity to liven up their living space with this elegant three piece sofa set containing both the Estro Sofa and the Estro Loveseat, as well as the Cava Accent table which brings the two pieces together.

And rounding out this group is the Italian bedroom which includes the Diamante queen bed accompanied by two Svevo night stands.

So please join us at our Vancouver showroom to join in the celebrations and take advantage of these amazing deals.


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