QeeBoo and Lineasette take the stage for Italian Days

With our Italian Days event in full swing for the month of April, we’re shining a light on our two newest Italian Vendors: Qeeboo and Lineasette.

Launched in 2016 by prominent Italian industrial designer, interior designer and architect Stefano Giovanni Qeeboo’s pop-infused designs invites you to connect with your inner creativity and allow you to bring thought, vision and emotion to everyday spaces.

Qeeboo’s designs encapsulate a wide range of products including seats, bookcases, tables, mirrors and more, with Qeeboo engaging several creators across its line to give each piece its own signature creative vision.

The company is best known for its signature Rabbit product family designed by Giovanni himself, as well as the iconic Giraffe in Love chandelier collection, with products from both lines now on display at Inspiration Furniture Vancouver showroom.

In contrast to Qeeboo’s colorful pop culture driven designs, our other new arrival, Linneasette, aims to bring a sense of harmony, prestige and elegance to any space hosting any of its handcrafted porcelain stoneware pieces.

Formed in 1977 and with its workshop located in Nove, known worldwide as “The Town of Ceramics”, Linneasette combines a proud history of ceramics with an exclusive formula for porcelain stoneware to create designs which are waterproof, highly resistant and timeless.


And in addition to their technical quality, Linneasette boasts that it’s “sculptures are works of art exemplifying the precious value of Italian craftsmanship,” with a wide product line including vases, centerpieces, sculptures and lamps, as well as decorative panels.

A number of Linneasette’s designs can also be found at our Vancouver showroom, including their Morandi Bottles and Hello Nature Corals amongst several other decorative pieces.


Whether you are looking to tap into your creativity or bring a sense of calm and harmony to your space, Qeeboo and Lineasette’s products will have what you are looking for, so come in store to our Vancouver showroom 1275 West 6th Ave. Vancouver and check out these exciting new additions.


And for the rest of the month, INspiration customers will instantly save 15% plus no GST on any purchase from any of our world-renowned Italian manufacturers including Qeeboo and Lineasette.



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