Introduced in 1994, the STRESSLESS WING, from Norwegian manufacturer EKORNES, is one of our most popular designs. Both luxurious and modern, this collection appeals to those with a classic sense of style. With minimal curves, padded arms and sculpted proportions, STRESSLESS WING respond to, and work with the motion of your body. Available with a full 360° swivel feature, this collection employs the STRESSLESS patented Glide system that make STRESSLESS recliners the most comfortable in the world.


Width: 31.25"
Depth: 28.75"
Height: 39.75"
Seat Height: 17"

Width: 33"
Depth: 30"
Height: 40.25"
Seat Height: 17.25"

Width: 36.25"
Depth: 30.75"
Height: 40.25"
Seat Height: 18.5

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