Twelve colourful discs forming a circle - This clock is an all-round design success. The numerals of the clock face are arranged on the circular metal frame in colourful, round numbers. Every hour has its own number circle with an individual colour composition. The numbers 1 to 12 are arranged in different colours on delicate paper behind clear glass. The background, which is also coloured, gives every time section its own colourful character. The irresistible Vintage Coloure clock with its shabby look has been created with a loving attention to detail and craftsman-like skill. This clock not only tells the time but also represents stylish vintage design chic.

Kare Product #32107



Width: 47"
Depth: 3"
Height: 47"

Référence: K14-32107CLK-MC
Disponibilité: En stock

Fabricant: KARE DESIGN